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Your body is approximately 70% water. What water are you made of?

Are you looking for the healthiest water you can drink? Look no further, you’ve found it! Kangen Water® is Alkaline, Anti-Oxidizing, Hyrdrogen-rich drinking water. It is made using a Japanese manufactured machine that transforms your unhealthy tap water into Kangen Water®. Stop drinking tap, bottled or other filtered waters that promote acidity and oxidation in the body which can breakdown your immune system and can lead to health issues. Switch to Kangen Water® and feel the difference!

What is Kangen Water?

In Japanese, the word Kangen means, “return to origin.” If ever there were a kind of water that came close to that promise, it is Kangen Water®. It may be the nearest thing we’ll ever find to the proverbial “fountain of youth”.

Kangen Water® is created from a device manufactured by Enagic Corporation, an amazing company that has been providing this product for nearly half a century. This device transforms ordinary tap water through an electrolysis process that restructures and “micro-clusters” your water. This allows the water to penetrate cells more easily and thereby offers superior hydration.

In addition to the healthy drinking water this amazing machine makes four other types of water.

See potential Health Benefits

Neck Pain

Hydration is an important part of your bodies ability to recover from physical ailments. Without proper hydration your body isn't able to perform at it's most efficent and can have limted recovery. Kangen water is can help you regain hydration and bring your body in to balance.

Cold and Flu

Kangen Water is electrolytically-reduced, hydrogen-rich water that works to restore your body to a more alkaline state, which is optimal for good health. Similiar to eating healthy fruits and vegetables, the water helps you promotes alkalinity in the body and can help your immune system function better which can promote improved health.

Kidney Issues
Skin Conditions

Some chronic illnesses may be made worse by improper hydraion of the body. Things like asthma, kidney issues, skin issues, and more can all be made worse by dehydration. Drinking Kangen water may dramatically improve the hydration of your body and may provide relief for some coniditons.

5 Types of Water

2.5 pH

Strong Acidic Water (2.5 ph) kills bacteria like bleach. You can use this product in place of many household chemicals that intended to kill bacteria which will save you money and help the environment.

6.0 pH

Beauty Water (6.0 pH) can be used to clean and tone your skin. It's similar to the expensive toners you can purchase at the beauty stores, but you can get as much as you want for free.

11.5 pH

Strong Alkaline Water (11.5 pH) can be used to clean harmful herbicides and pesticides from your produce, clean oil and grease from your kitchen and much more.

7.0 pH

Clean Water (7.0 pH) is a neutral pH water that can be used for cooking and many other uses.

8.5 - 9.5 pH

Kangen Water (8.5 - 9.5 pH) is an alkaline water that is perfect for drinking, cooking, and watering plants.

Special Usages


Drinking Kangen Water® has the potential to clear up issues from the inside out.

Food Preparation

Remove harmful herbicides and pesticides from your produce and improved taste.


Clothes come out cleaner and brighter, without using chemicals.


Eliminates bacteria and replaces most chemical and toxic cleaners from your home.

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The K8 is now Enagic's most powerful machine - featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates! This additional electrode plate increases the electrolysis surface area, improves water ionization, and heightens the antioxidant production potential.

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  • Auto On/Off to Conserve Energy

  • Full Color LCD Display

  • Automatic Cleaning

  • Plug & Play - No More Switches!

  • Worldwide Multi-Voltage Power Supply, with Interchangeable Plug Capability

  • On-Screen E-Cleaning Instructions

  • 10 Second Automatic Cleaning

SD501 Platinum

Used and loved throughout 82 countries, the LeveLuk SD501 Platinum now comes in ONE machine capable of speaking all notifications in FIVE languages! English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. By simply, and conveniently selecting the language of your choice, the new Platinum will change to that language! Fully-equipped with a built-in electrolysis chamber, and featuring a large LCD panel and clear voice prompts, the SD501 PLATINUM is the leader of the pack. 7-Platinum-plated Titanium plates comprise the electrolysis chamber.

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  • 7 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates

  • Voice Confirmations

  • Automatic Cleaning

  • Large LCD Panel

  • Speaks FIVE Languages


If you could use a little more free counter space, this is the perfect unit for your kitchen! With the quality and power of the SD501, but the convenience of nestling discreetly under your sink.

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  • Wall-Mounted LCD Control Panel

  • Stored Safely Out of Sight

  • Automatic Cleaning

  • Wall-Mounted LCD Control Panel


LeveLuk SD 501 Enagic's Flagship Model The industry-leading continuous ionized electrolysis water generator system, the SD501 is the finest machine in its class. With the strongest electrolysis chamber available, fully-equipped with a built-in electrolysis chamber, and featuring a large LCD panel and clear voice prompts, the SD501 is the leader of the pack. 7-Platinum-plated Titanium plates comprise the electrolysis chamber.

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  • 7 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates

  • Automatic Cleaning

  • Large LCD Panel

  • Compact Footprint


The JRII has three solid electrode plates, which reduces the energy consumption. Due to the lower power consumption and fewer plates, this machine is considered one of Enagic's "starter" models.

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  • Automatic Cleaning

  • Low Energy Model

  • Perfect for Individuals or Couples

  • Super Easy to Use


The Leveluk-R is one of Enagic's "starter" models because it is affordable for families on almost any budget, produces 3 different waters instead of 5 from all other machines.

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  • Budget-Friendly Model

  • Eco-Friendly and Lightweight

  • 3 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates

  • Easy To Use


This highly productive machine has 7 and 5 electrode plates, a twin hose system, industry leading cleaning system, a built-in tank for the electrolysis enhancer, and a water pressure regulating function making this machine a must for the large family!

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  • Up to 2 Gallons Per Minute

  • Super Heavy Home and Small Business Use

  • Automatic Cleaning

  • 12 Titanium Plates

  • Most Powerful Model

Anespa DX

ANESPA DX produces a continuous stream of healthy ionized mineral water. With a new, larger ceramic cartridge that removes almost 100% of chlorine and other harmful substances in your tap water, and adds safe, moisturizing minerals that are healthy for your skin and hair. Enjoy a lovely shower or bath in ANESPA DX hot spring water!

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  • Generates Mineral Ion Water for Bath or Shower

  • Removes Harmful Chlorine and Bacteria

  • Mineral Stone from the Futamata Radium Hot Spring in Hokkaido, Japan

  • Creates Mineral Ion Water

  • Hot Spring Experience

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Customer Success Stories

I've gone two years without allergy symptoms.

Seasonal allergies were something I had to deal with every year but after drinking Kangen water I've gone two years without allergy symptoms. In addition, I don't have to take all the medicines I used to take. Like they say, I changed my water and it changed my life.

Brandi P.
Phoenix, AZ

I truly couldn't live without it.

I've struggled with migraines most my life and then I started drinking Kangen water. Since then I've had very few migraines and the few times I've had them they have been much less intense. I am so happy that you introduced me to this machine, I truly couldn't live without it.

Jessica M.
San Diego, CA

My doctor couldn't believe the improvement...

I was dealing with heart issues that caused fainting spells and other issues. I was actually at the point of considering a pacemaker. My husband bought a machine hoping that it would help me. The fainting spells started to subside and my energy levels greatly improved all because of the Kangen water.

Alicia R.

...after my next treatment, I did not need an IV treatment.

While dealing with radiation treatments for cancer I usually needed IV treatments and would feel very tired for about a week. I started drinking Kangen water and after my next treatment I did not need an IV treatment and was back to work in two days. Truly life changing!

Nancy C.
Albuquerque, NM

...within a month, I lost 15 lbs.

I was 70 years old and had been trying to lose weightt for the last several years. I was able to lose 15 lbs through changing my diet but no matter what I did I could not shed the last 10 lbs that I wanted to lose. Then I was introduced to Kangen water, purchased a machine and within a month I lost 15 lbs. I changed nothing other than the water I was drinking. I am totally satisfied with my purchase!

Ralph H.
Albuquerque, NM

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